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Friday, 4 May 2018

20 things to do for your boyfriend to love only you

20 things to do for your boyfriend to love only you

There is nothing that pains a girls most than seen her boyfriend cheating on her.
In relationship, there are certain strategies that you need to follow if you need a truth relationship with your boyfriend.
Below are the 20 things that you need to do for your boyfriend if you want him to love only you.
#1. Trust him: some girls don’t use to trust their boyfriend because of one thing or the other. In relationship where by a girl doesn’t trust her boyfriend, the relationship will not last and that can cause your boyfriend to date someone else.
#2. Learn to take a joke: in relationship, a girl must learn to take a joke with her boyfriend even if its personal.
#3. Help him in financial difficulty: boys love a girl who also supports them in financial aspect. If you see your boyfriend’s condition, help him and solve his problem. Don’t be afraid or thinking that you will lose everything if he stop dating you. You are the only person that can stop your boyfriend from dating you.
#4. Learn from your mistake: if you know you have offended your boyfriend, you need to beg him for forgiveness and learn from your mistake. Some girls are fun of insulting their boyfriend of one thing or the other, this can cause your boyfriend to go and date someone else.
#5. Show him that you cannot stay without him: When your boyfriend is away from you, call him and tell him your feeling, how you miss him.
#6. Care:  This is the essential part of it which a girl needs to do for her boyfriend to love only her. Call him when he is not around and ask if he has take lunch, give him a romantic text message when he is not around. This will help him to think of you time to time, even at the place of work.
#7. Be Honest: remember honesty is the best policy. If you do something and your boyfriend asks you what you were doing, don’t hesitate to tell him the truth. Some girls are fun of doing this.
#8. Don’t cheat: this the worst part of it, serving two masters at the same time. This can lead to breakup if you cheat your boyfriend by dating someone else when you are still dating him.
#9. Know your role: your boyfriend is watching you. Don’t always stave him and busy doing another thing. Make sure you through with your boyfriend before you do another thing by providing anything he wants from you to his satisfaction.
#10. Be sexually pleasing: Sex can become boring, especially if you do it every day which can be a problem. But that should not be the case, learn new tricks in bed and ultimately surprise and encourage him  there so that he will feels like you are someone who he could stay with forever because don’t disappoint him in the bedroom.
#11. Advise him: Your boyfriend will love you forever if you always advise him for good. Don’t allow him to spend his money in a wrong way and don’t allow him to be your source of income because it is a relationship not job opportunity. When you do this, it will make your boyfriend to love only you.
#12. Respect him: No matter how short or tall your friend is, always respect him. If he has boundaries, don’t force to cross them. Observe his privacy if he values any. If there is anything that you don’t like about him, don’t go and complain to your fellow girlfriends about it behind his back or in his present. Call him and talk to him.
#13. Ask where you don’t know: don’t be afraid to ask your boyfriend whatever you don’t know. Looking for answers on your own can leads to assumptions.
#14. Be Proud of him: this is one of the important parts you should take note. Be proud of your friend any where any time. You boyfriend will love you more than he did before when he heard from other of your girlfriends that he is the best boyfriend ever.
#15. leave a text message: always leave a message asserting how much you enjoyed your time with him and how you can’t wait to see him again.
#16. Compose a song: Try and compose a romantic song for him. Always sing this song every time you are with him. Teach him to sing his own also. This will make him to position you in his heart when he is away.
#17. Remember that family matters: Make him to be closer to your family members by introducing him to them; this will demonstrate how important he is in your life.
#18. Be there for him, even if he says nothing about the problem: This shows you are supportive of him by being there without questioning him on the problem. But if you worry to ask, let it be when he   calms down his mine.
#19. Accept responsibility in a fight: we know in a relationship, they must be a disagreements and fight. A blame or responsibility can push your boyfriend away from you.
#20. Prove that you are committed: stay with him mentally, intimately and physically no matter what.
If you follow the above strategies, you will see that your boyfriend will love you more than before.

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  1. nice tips, seems like i did all these and ended up marrying my bf. :)

  2. This is cute but sad for single people like me :P

  3. I love that but find one and will enjoy



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